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AIE - 3755


Modular Hopper Loaders


Swift Auxi Technik Pvt.Ltd, India

Product Details

Modular Hopper Loaders
- Innovative concept gives you ease
- Material change accomplished in seconds
- No tool required
- Loading solution for virgin regrind & free flowing powdery materials
- Macro processor based control with digital display
- Audio & visual alarm in case of fault
- Two components-ratio loaders with 1% step setting
- All higher capacity loaders come with dust separator specially beneficial when regrind or dusty material is used
- Glasko Hopper Loaders for abrasive polymers

Dynamic Filter Cleaning System:
After each & every conveying cycle, rotary wing rotates with high revolution and cleans the filter. The smallest loader with micro filter is having 2500 cm2 large filter area which takes away all your burden of cleaning colour change & maintenance.

Modular Concept:
Completely modular construction use same core body for all the models form 20 kg / hr to 1200 kg / hr. Customer can fit anything to anywhere now or in future and upgrade their system at just fraction of the cost.

Multi-Stations Conveying System:
Working with single or three different materials, Twin / Trio loaders is a very cost effective solution for mini central conveying system. This system can be upgraded to central conveying system in future very easily

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