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Vacuum conveying has never been more simple or versatile than with
AEC's VacTrac® Local I/O Controllers. From a 1-pump/5- station key-pad interface to a 4-pump/32-station color touchscreen, AEC has the controller to meet your conveying needs. AEC's conveying controls offer: the ability to operate single or multiple VacTrac vacuum power units (APD, APDB, APC); and automatic pump shutdown; up to 33-station control capability; selectable pump and receiver
Configuration; "Time-fill" or "Volume-fill" operation.

SR Series Hoppers:
SRH/SRC vacuum receivers are used at each loading point in a central vacuum conveying system. 0.79, 2.8, and 5.6 liter receivers are not to be used on single line
"Y" systems and SRC04 receivers are not recommended. They should be used beside the machine or with dedicated lines.

APD Series Vacuum Pump & AFC-S Filter:
AEC has several types of ultra-compact vacuum power units to suit your conveying needs. The APD Series Vacuum Pump uses a high-efficiency, quiet, positive displacement blower and can be utilized to convey pellets and regrind
Over long distances. The APC Series Vacuum Pump uses a quiet, regenerative/
Vacuum blower and can be utilized to convey free-flowing pelletized materials.

The AFC-S Safety Filter is used as a central dust and fine collection receiver to protect the vacuum pump from damage. It operates as part of a central conveying
system and is controlled by the central conveying control panel. The cyclonic
chamber of the AFC-SC is used as a prefilter in central dust and fine systems to
Protect the vacuum pump from damage.

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