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AIE - 3852


ALS Series Shredder


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Product Details

ALS Series Shredder:
The ALS Series light duty shredder is designed for processing injection and extrusion mold startup purge. It reduces material to approximately 25mm-102mm when combined with an AEC granulator (stacked 2 stage or in-line with conveyors) and output material sizes can range from 3mm -12mm.

AMS Series Shredder:
The AMS Series is designed for processing scrap from wood industries such as miscellaneous trim and panel scraps and furniture. It can also handle injection and extrusion mold startup purge, heavy wall parts, paper and cardboard, film (baled and loose). The AMS Series provides versatility with a 460mm diameter drum style rotor, on the larger models, that provides efficient cutting of various process scrap.

AXS Series Shredder:
The new AXS Extreme Duty Single Shaft Shredder from AEC provides the versatility needed to handle just about any application need. Available in 3 models (AXS1500, AXS2000, and AXS3000), and numerous capabilities, the AXS Series offers rugged construction with heavy duty bearings to handle the toughest material and are suited for: large extruder purgings, large reject parts, trim scraps, baled or loose film, synthetic fiber, wood processing scrap, medical waste, cardboard, paper as well as carpet

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