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AIE - 4015


Scrap Grinder Machine


N. K. Industries, India

Product Details

Benefits of NK Industries Rock n Roll Machines :
- Perfect Output of the material according to the Scrap Grinder capability (virgin materials)
- Very less maintenance as well as easy to run.
- Unique kind of grinding bled available for the grinder.

NK Industries help to make Strong Granulator can be used for that milling associated with declined plastic materials items that can be grinded into small pieces according to mesh size. These types of grinded items could be used again for that subsequent applications.

Granulator Entire Body:
The granulator primary created through large MS Plates as well as section areas of it. The opening part could be modified through mounting bolts as well as through nut. Rotor pulleys tend to be protected along with safety cover. Hopper part is actually created through heavy MS Plates and it is created within method which materials or components don't arrive out of the hopper

Grinder Blades:
The Grinder blades are manufactured from unique steel metal that are additional solidified as well as grounded for that lengthier existence. The actual materials as well as style the actual grinder blades tend to be chosen according to the materials to get it grinded well. The grinder blades position is actually preset- or even manufacturing plant arranged that guarantee the actual efficient milling from the entered materials.

The actual rotor is made of nitro alloy steel material that is dynamically well balanced that guarantees quicker milling as well as described result.

Salient Functions
- Strong & Large metal building entire body
- Procedure with much less vibration.
- Long-lasting & upkeep free of charge procedure.
- Greater result from less energy usage.
- Simple elimination associated with screen with regard to cleansing.
- Wide selection associated with versions with regard to much better choice.
- Rotory knives created with scissors cut action as well as efficient cutting angles to make sure efficient milling.
- Rotor knives are manufactured from unique steel metal alloy as well as solidified with regard to lengthier existence along with simple realignment service.
- Connection with regard to pipes as well as materials launching could be provided optionally.
- Milling display, Topside opening and content feeding connections is made with regard to simple starting, upkeep as well as alter.
- Unique created Rotor kind grinder ideal for milling associated with number of supplies such as molded articles, Blow Molded Articles, Rotational Molded, Pipes etc…

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