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AIE - 4016


Vibro Screen Machine


N. K. Industries, India

Product Details

NK Industries Vibro Screen Machines are one of the best milling associated products associated with Plastic Materials, Polymer granules with regard to efficient elimination associated with dirt contaminants as well as extra-large contaminants. Our Vibro Screen Machines supplies precise granule for recycling where possible (recycle) which meets the requirement of the Plastic Industry.
NK Industries Vibro Screen Machines are one of the most versatile, reliable, cost effective, environment friendly process machines helps to get the exact granule size out from recycling process. It can be used in the process of dust removing, water removing, fiber recovery, scalping, undersize removal, oversize removal.
NK Industries the India's best Manufacturer for all types of Vibro Screen Machines associated with PVC, LLDPE as well as just about all kind of plastic material. Vibro Machines can be used in the industry for different purpose too.

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