For Sale - AIE - 4054 - Plastic Scrap Grinder / Crusher


Reference Numbers

AIE - 4054


Plastic Scrap Grinder / Crusher


Vacuum Tech. Machines Mumbai, India

Product Details

- We offer you wide range of grinder to select for your specific requirement ranging from 1 hp to 30 hp. to grind all kind of
Plastic scrap, IE, HDPE, LDPE, Polypropylene, Rigid & Soft PVC Nylon etc.
- Scrap grinder are suitable to grind containers, Lumps and other Hollow materials, Foot wears, Cans, Bucket.
- Grinders are made from solid steel construction
- Easy operating & fast grinding
- Minimum floor space and high production capacity
- Quick and easy blade setting & changing system

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