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Pulverizing Systems


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Pulverizing Systems

1) Powder Manufacturing Rotomoulding Industries
- For the size reduction of plastics, PD POLY GRINDERS offers a variety of different knife mills.
- During the rotational moulding process hardly any rejects are produced.
- Mostly these parts are precut into smaller pieces and then granulated in a Knife mill.
- For this purpose, PD POLY GRINDERS has developed specific Knife mills with throughput rates of 100 - 300 kg / hr
- For direct size reduction of larger rejects, we offer special Knife mills with higher capacities and larger infeed openings.
- The granules so produced can be directly reintroduced into the pulverizer.

Method of Operation
- The material is fed into the knife mill by means of a suitable feeding system.
- Size reduction is performed between the rotor knives and the stator knives built into the housing.
- The end fineness of the material is determined by the whole size of the screen installed. A hinged housing allows easy access to the grinding chamber. Screens and knives are thereby easy to clean and exchange.

- Knife mills, series PS-K and PS-H are normally used for this application.

2) For Pipe and Profile Manufacturers
- Granulate production waste from PVC-Pipe and profile manufacturing is pulverized, worldwide, with "ORIGINAL PALLMAN" pulverizing systems with Disc Mill, type PKM.
- These recycled powers are mixed with new PVC-material are reentered into pipe - and profile extrusion.
- The pulverizing systems are available with or without screening in order to meet the customer's demands for fineness.

Decisive Advantages
- Fully-automatic temperature- and load-controlled system
- Easy access for maintenance and wear part exchange
- Economical and cost effective
- High throughout rate at low specific power consumption
- Compact construction with minimum space requirement

3) For Masterbatch and Compounding Industry
- With the Polygrinder, type PMM, high quality powders are gained for masterbatch production and compounding.
- The optimum particle size of the end powder guarantees a good mixture and adhesion of the additives.
- The user can process a wide spectrum of materials such as PE, PP, PA, PC etc. at ambient temperature.

Method of operation:
- A feeding system feeds the granules into the Poly Grinder, type PMM.
- Pulverizing is effected between the serrated grinding elements of a rotating and a stationary grinding disc.
- The downstream fan vacuums the powder from the Disc Mill and conveys it, over a very short distance, to the cyclone.
- The finished product is discharged through a rotary air lock into a bin.
- A filter (optional) cleans the discharged air.
- The entire system is fully automatic and controlled from a control cabinet.
- For operation and cleaning purposes, after material change, the system has been designed in such a way, that the mill and the piping are installed at a comfortable working height.

4) Manufacturing of Coating Powders
- Finest powders with excellent flowability are used in the textile and metal industry for surface coatings.
- PD Poly Grinders is the number one contact address for the pulverization of these thermoplastics, as they are normally very difficult to pulverize due their high MFR.
- Many materials can be pulverized on PD Poly Grinders special mills under ambient temperature with no need of any cooling agent.
- The economic efficiency is foremost.

- Cryogenic pulverization systems with inert gas atmosphere are used for extreme heat-sensitive materials as well as for obtaining an exceptionally high fineness.
- PD Poly Grinders has developed the technology in their own custom processing facilities and offers standard cryogenic pulverizing systems in compact design for polyester, polyamide, EVA, elastomeres, copolymers. Synthetic rubber and other heat sensitive materials.

- The company not only delivers the system and the processing technology but also the necessary application know-how.
- Cryogenic pulverizing systems are reliable. Quality and performance are guaranteed.

Decisive Advantages:
- Pulverization under ambient temperature without adding liquid nitrogen
- Free-flowing powders produced with minimum particle size distribution
- Powders with a high bulk density

4) Powder Manufacturing from Synthetic Rubber
- For the production of compounds for cable and seal manufacture, other elastic parts as well as bitumen and asphalt manufacture, caoutchouc powders in different particle sizes are required.
- To achieve the required material quality and end finesses PD POLY GRINDERS offers various pulverizing machines and systems.

Method of Operation
- For this application mills, type PLM are used.
- Granulated feed material is fed into the mill by means of suitable dosing systems.
- An optimally designed aspiration system draws the material out of the mill.
- In order to achieve desired powder qualities, various screening systems are used.
- Furthermore, specialized grinding areas can be accommodated with the Disc Mill, type PKM, Pin Mill, type PPST as well as the Turbo Mill, type PP.

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