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AIE - 4174


Water Chilling Unit (Air Cooled)


Bry-air (asia) Pvt. Ltd. India

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Water Chilling Unit (Air Cooled)

More than Just A Chiller
- Bry-Air is a trusted name in Plastics Auxiliary Equipment suppliers since more than 3 decades. We offer Industrial Water Chillers for plastics industry under the CHA series. Our new Industrial water chiller starts from a range with cooling capacity of 3.5 Tons to 10.5 Tons.

- The molding process involves injection of plastic melt into the mould and cooling the melt in the mould to take the desired shape. The chillers supports in quick cooling of plastic melts that is injected, blown, extruded and stamped. The chillers enhanced the productivity by reducing the cooling time in a particular cycle. The chillers can also be used to remove the heat generated in the machine efficiently by connecting it to heat exchangers system of the machine. This is where our Industrial water chilling unit will come into action and provide you with best solution.

- Bry Air Water Chiller is Portable units that are available with cooling capacity of 3.5/12.7, 7.5/25.9 and 10.5/38 TONS/KW.
Temperature range 50°C to 200°C.

Why Chiller from Bry Air:
- More than 40 years of experience designing equipment in different application areas.
- Extensive engineering design capabilities for standard and customized systems.
- Bry Air exports too many countries worldwide - Over 40 years of export experience.
- With Bry Care you can be assured of total reliability and speedy service of any support requirements.

Salient Features of Bry Air Water Chilling Unit:

- Bry-Air CHA series Water Chiller uses scroll type compressors which have fewer moving parts, are more rugged and durable than there reciprocating piston type compressors. On continuous operations scroll compressors are more reliable than reciprocating compressors and it also consumes lesser energy.
- Bry-Air CHA series Water Chiller uses Shell and Tube with fins heat exchanger which provides quick cooling.
- Bry-Air CHA Series Water Chiller uses stainless steel construction which reduces corrosion and water contamination.

Protective Indicator Lamp For:
- Pump Reverse
- Pump Overload
- Compressor Overload
- Refrigerant Shortage
- Freeze
- Phase Failure

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