For Sale - AIE - 4240 - Self Contained Hopper Loaders


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AIE - 4240


Self Contained Hopper Loaders


Shini Plastics Technologies India Pvt Ltd Pune, India

Product Details

1) Standard" Self-contained SAL-330 / 360 series adopt single phase carbon brush motor with superior suction power and easy installation.
- It is particularly suitable for conveying new materials
- SAL-430 / 460 series use a three phase inductive motor with low noise level and long service life.
- It also has an automatic motor reverse cleaning device.


- Stainless steel hopper, motor overload protective device.

- SAL-330E/360E are equipped with photo sensor switch, suitable to directly mount on moulding machine's feed port.

- All the machines are equipped with hinged hopper lid except for SAL-430 and SAL-460.

- SAL-330/360 has standard auto reverse cleaning kit and cloth mesh filter.

- SAL-430/460 has standard cloth mesh filter and motor reverse cleaning function.

- For temporary storage of material, SCH-6L storage hopper is available for SAL-330/360.

- SPV-U is an optional selection for SAL-330/360. (Including control cabinet).

- Buzzer is an optional selection.

- Manual control switch is optional.

2) SAL-U series self-contained hopper loaders are Euro design with stainless steel hopper to avoid material contamination
- In addition, it has an attractive appearance, a sound-proof motor cover to reduce noise level and a top handle to enable convenient movement
- Also the remote operation has been realized by using a detachable control panel.

- SAL-1U~SAL-12U (-E) adopts carbon brush with fast rotating speed and large air quantity while maintain compact appearance, easy for transportation and installation.

- Wire-control controller is convenient to use with automatic cleaning function.

- Equipped with motor soft start function and carbon crush consumption prompt (except for three-phase motor).

- Wire connection point for SPV-U.

- Hopper and base mount positions are adjustable.

- SAL-U has a reed switch, while SAL-U-E adopts photo sensor switch with high sensitivity and stable quality.

- All models equipped with hinged hopper lid that are connected by hinge for easy mesh cleaning.

- SAL-3U and above model has a out diameter 275 mm base, which can work with all "European type" hopper dryers except SHD-20U and all "Standard" hopper dryers above SHD-75.

- SAL-1U has a out diameter 200 mm base, transitional flange must be mounted when this series work with SHD-20U/40U.

- All SAL-U series machine has standard cloth mesh filter and auto-spraying dust cleaner. For SAL-6U and above models, it is available to select air accumulator to enhance the purging and reduce manually clean time. In order to maintain good function, SAL-U-3 series also has standard cloth mesh filter and motor reverse cleaning function without optionally select air accumulator and reverse cleaning kit.

- Optionally provide multi-functional installation frame HMB-900 with 900 mm largest diameter adjusting range for selection.

- Provide both standard and optional heat-insulative Euro collective hopper SCH-6U/12U/24U to mount directly on moulding machine feed port when magnetic proximity switch type hopper loader is used for material loading.

- Reinforcing auto cleaning of air accumulator is optional (Applicable to SAL-6U/12U).

- Buzzer is an optional selection (Applicable to SAL-U-3)

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