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AIE - 4241


Separate Vacuum Hopper Loaders


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Product Details

1) Standard separate-vacuum hopper loaders are suitable for conveying material over long distance.
- SAL-700G/800G/800G2 are for one to one combination, while SAL-900G/900G2 are for one to two combination.
- All models adopt stainless steel hopper to ensure no contamination to raw material.
- High efficiency high pressure blower features light weighted, durable, great suction power, easy installation and operation.

- Motor overload protector ensures long motor lifespan.

- Audible material shortage alarm.

- Filter designed for easy cleaning and has filter status checking window for easier monitor of filter condition.

- Both vacuum hopper (SMH type) and photo sensor hopper (SVH type) can be directly mounted on moulding machine's feed port. The above mentioned loaders adopt stainless steel mesh as standard.

- It is available to select SCH-6 storage bin and SMH-6L/12L vacuum hopper, both of which can be directly mounted on injection moulding machine.

- Proportional valve SPV-U (control cabinet is optional) is available as option, which is adopted to mix virgin and regrind material, as well as instantly recycle regrind material.

- It is suggested opting for cyclone dust collector to reduce cleaning times of filter when regrind material occupies over 30% of total raw material.

2) SAL-UG series separate-vacuum hopper loaders are based on the established design and now feature more attractive appearance, better performance, and improved ease of operation.
- The whole range comprises of seven models equipped with vacuum blower from 1 to 15 HP
- Economy models can be offered on request

- Data backed up on EPROM in case of power failure and does not require back up battery.

- It consists of a cyclone dust separator and a dust collective bin to effectively reduce the load of filter.

- Function for setting regrind mix ratio via optional SPV-U.

- SAL-UGP series units are equipped with single and double-stage blower (3.5HP and above).

- Standard equipped with warning lamp as the alarm device.

- Based on customer's requirements, there are two types of filters: bag and plate, for 30% and 100% powder conveying respectively. The air accumulator and self-cleaning device are standard equipment for hopper.

- In the case of much impurity or recycled materials included in raw materials, main unit can be equipped with air accumulator auto washing unit as options, and add "A" at the model behind. (Suitable for SAL-3.5HP-UG and models above)

- Optionally provide multi-functional installation frame HMB-900 with 900 mm largest diameter adjusting range for selection.

- Provide both standard and optional heat-insulative Euro collective hopper SCH-6U/12U/24U for selection (Except for SAL-UGP series, which will use special collective hopper).

- Optional cyclone dust separator is available for SAL-1HP/2HP-UG. Buzzer available as an option

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