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AIE - 4243


Gravimetric Blenders


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Product Details

- SGB series gravimetric blenders can be used in the fields of injection moulding machines, blow moulding machines and extrusion lines for proportionally precise mixing of several types of material.
- This series machines adopt SIEMENS PLC controller and latest ingredients calculation methods.
- The machine is controlled by an advanced microprocessor with a digital display that is simple to calibrate.
- The self-compensation and calibration function ensure accurate material dosing percentages.
- A high precision electronic weighing scale is used to ensure precise weighing of every batch and ensure accuracy to ± 0.1%~ 0.3%.
- There are 42 models available to be selected based on various materials and throughputs. (This series are not suitable for powder and sheet pieces weighing)

- Evenly mixing of materials after accurately weighing, control accuracy strictly of ±0.1~±0.3%.

- Auto calibration after each material weighting ensures accuracy.

- Up to 100 recipes can be stored for later use.

- Alarm log function.

- All parts detachable for easy cleaning.

- For SGB-600 and models below, machine mount model is the standard supply (equipped with magnetic base,manual discharge valve), optional pneumatic slide gate is available also.

- For SGB-2000 and models above, floor stand is the standard supply (equipped with moveable floor stand, storage hopper and pneumatic slide gate), optional SBU suction box is available also.

- Has the function of recycled material compensation (recycling hopper is standardly equipped with low level switch). Aberration coompensation can be automatically calculated based to the feeding amount of recycled materials.

- Memory card can be optional selected to store ratio information for product quality control.

- Hopper low level sensor can be optional selected to send alarm when material is insufficent.

- Optional analog signals (0~10V) output function for screw automatic adjusting of extrusion molding machine.

- RS485 communication is optional to realize the centralized monitoring of connecting with molding machine.

- Floor stand, pneumatic slide gate, storage bin and suction box should be optionally purchased for floor mounting. (Applicable for SGB-600 and models below)

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