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AIE - 4245


Screnless & Low Noise Granulators


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Product Details

1) Screen less Granulators - SG-14/24N/24T

SG-14/24/24T series granulators operate in super low speed to cut materials into well-proportioned granules.
- There are least dusts produced in the cutting process.
- Multiple security devices ensure high safety grade; automatic reverse running function ensures continuous operation.
- This series of screen less granulators are suitable for granulating hard and thick materials.
- For SG-24T series, there are two gear motors and two cutting chambers to work simultaneously.
- It can not only granulate the spruces and waste material, but also has an effect on long and thin or tougher spruces materials.


- SG-14/24 series German-made gear motor features steady performance, long service life and high torque.

- SG-24T series have two German - made gear motors and two cutting chambers working simultaneously to provide reliable performance and high torque.

- SG-14/24 series teeth cutters and cutting blades are integrally fitted in one cutting chamber.
- SG-24T series feature integral design of double teeth cutters and cutting blades.
- Staggered blades make the initial cutting and teeth cutters reduce the materials into desired size.
- Regrinds could be used with virgin materials.

- SG-14/24T series motor shaft and rotor shaft are connected by shaft coupling thus ensuring smooth cutting action and convenient motor replacement.

- SG-24 series unique synchronous transmission belt ensure smooth running of the machine and low noise level.

- When motor blockage occurs, the machine will alarm visibly and enable motor reverse running function. It resumes normal operation automatically after the trouble is clear.

- "Euro" style appearance, compact in size and easy to access for cleaning and maintenance.

- Transparent PC feeding hopper.

- Screen less design, well-proportioned size of regrinds and least amount of dusts.
- Regrinds could be used with virgin materials.

- Upon request, it can be built to comply with worldwide electrical safety standards (For example: CE, UL, CSA, JIS etc.)

2) Low-speed Granulators - SG-16N/16D/20N

SG-16N/20N series low-speed granulators have paddle blades and staggered blades design for customer selection.
- They are mainly used for granulating sprues or rejects fed by pickers or belt conveyors beside the moulding machines.
- They feature low speed, high torque, low noise and dust level, excellent quality and performance.
- Machines are built to comply with CE safety standards.


- SG-16N series adopt new type staggered blades and unfixed blades which can keep a settled cutting clearance without adjustment after resharpen; SG-20N employs paddle blades and integration design to obtain better cutting performance.

- Gear motor of SG-1628D series directly drives the blades to rotate for granulating, which saves regulation and maintenance time of belt driving and tension.

- Low granulating speed and sharp angle design of rotating blades are helpful for smooth and continuous operation.

- Optimal cutting angle makes resistance small and avoid blockage to improve cutting efficiency.

- Optimal design can effectively reduce vibration during operation of granulator.

- Low speed granulating ensures well-proportioned granules and low dust level.

- Low speed and sound-proof material hopper brings a quieter operation environment.

- Easy access for easy maintenance and cleaning.

- Small in size with castors for easy moving.

- High safety grade design to comply with European safety standard.

- Feeding chamber with built-in magnet will catch metal impurities in the materials.

- 30-sec instant recycling system, regrind conveying via blower & cyclone, dust separator, height-increasing storage tank and full-receiver alarm device.
- Straight hoppers, special screens and double-layer screens.

- Straight hoppers, double-layer screen, special screens.

- For granulating fibre-added material, there's fibre-added granulator model for choosing.
- Surface-hardening treatment is adopted on the material contacting components.
- SG-20N fibre-added model chooses V-4E blade material.

3) Standard Central Granulators - SG-23E/30E/36E

- SG-23/30E series granulators have no significant differences with the standard model in construction and operability.
- The granulators feature quick blade change.
- They are suitable for centralized recycling of wastes or rejected parts from injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion machines.
- Staggered blades can easily grab and granulate the materials.
- This design makes the machine work more efficiently and can reduce waste of energy to the minimum.


- SG-23E series adopts staggered blades design, SG-30E and SG-36E series adopts paddle blades design.

- The blade material is imported steel to ensure high quality and high durability.

- Staggered blades design can decentralize working load when granulating to increase cutting efficiency.

- Staggered blades retainer is designed for quick blades changing without re-adjustment.

- Paddle blades with increased blade inclination design to ensure better cutting effect and lower noise.

- Equipped with motor overload relay and multiple safety devices.

- Easy access for convenient maintenance and cleaning.

- Compact in size for saving floor space and castors for easy movement.

- Standard structure design can reduce the cost of replacement parts.

- Full-receiver alarm device, special screens and main shaft balance flywheel are optional.

- Equipped with presetting knife jig, simple cutter installation adjusting technology makes the rotating blades be adjusted within clamps outside machine, no longer needs to be adjusted from inside of machine as before.

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