For Sale - AIE - 4335 - Screw Chiller (Water Cooled Water Chiller)


Reference Number

AIE - 4335


Screw Chiller (Water Cooled Water Chiller)

Product Details

Provide chilled fluid for industrial application from a central location with the Conair Water Cooled W-SK series central chillers.

Simple design of screw compressors provide both full load and part load efficiencies unmatched in the industry, and results in lower energy costs when compared to reciprocating compressors.

Unique Features:
- Rugged compressor design with only four moving parts eliminating the need for pistons, connecting rod, wrist pins and valves. Less moving parts means less internal friction and greater efficiency.
- Semi hermitic screw compressors with two shaft designs with suction and discharge solder connection, integrated check valve, integrated pressure relief valves, flanged on oil separator, oil heater, oil filter and oil sight glass.
- All chilled water contact surfaces are non ferrous for protections against corrosion. All wetted surfaces are stainless steel, copper or other non ferrous material.
- Small unit size, factory wired, easy lifting procedure, easy start up logic.
- Stainless steel shell & tube evaporator with seamless internally finned copper tubes for higher surface area.
- Strainer protects the evaporator from solid contaminations in the process water.
- Flow switch is used to detect flow loss for safety of evaporator when return water flow is low.
- Electronic expansion valve is used to regulate the flow of refrigerant in the evaporator as per the load of system to maintain the suction superheat.
- Shell & Tube type water cooled condenser for Indian ambient condition with externally finned copper tube.

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