For Sale - AIE - 4336 - Water Cooled Air Chiller


Reference Number

AIE - 4336


Water Cooled Air Chiller

Product Details

Water Cooled Air Chiller is used to supply cooled air to air ring of blown film extrusion line. Cooling of air with the help of direct expansion of refrigerant saves energy compared to conventional water chiller plus heat exchanger system.

Water Cooled Air Chillers provides consistent air temperature irrespective of ambient condition which is very essential for processing of plastics on blown film lines.

Compact in size which reduce foot print up to 25% compared to conventional water chiller plus heat exchanger system.

Unique Features:

- Energy efficient & reliable scroll compressor with hermetically sealed suction gas cooled motor
- Each model is equipped with PLC based control platform. Control features include 2 line 16 character LCD display, Onboard fault indication with audio alarm
- Accurate temperature control with the help of modulating hot gas bypass valve
- Intelligent program to save energy for dual compressor chiller circuit specifically for part load application
- Display of set value and actual value on the screen
- Display of return air temperature on screen
- Scroll and function buttons allow you to navigate the chiller's control platform
- Neatly organized internal component layout
- Proven component supplier i.e Copeland, Danfoss, Siemens, Emerson, IFM have been chosen for ultimate reliability and availability
- All chillers are factory tested under load prior to shipment
- Shell & Tube Condenser - high surface area with externally finned copper tube
- Finned & Tube Evaporator – high surface area due to internally grooved copper tube, generously sized for industrial environment and tested to 300 PSIG with lower pressure drop
- RTD temperature sensors yield higher precision and repeatability than thermocouples
- Three phase monitor protects against unit damage due to phase reversal or loss of phase

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