For Sale - AIE - 4339 - Mould Space Dryer


Reference Number

AIE - 4339


Mould Space Dryer

Product Details

Mould Space Dryers are used to maintain the surrounding area of mould with lower dew point temperature which will help in preventing sweating on the mould irrespective of atmospheric environment.

Mould Space Dryer generate and supply low dew point air into the closed enclosure around mould of processing machine which will reduce the dew point temperature of surrounding area of mould.

Standard Features:
- Specially designed Finned & Tube Heat Exchanger suitable for Indian / Critical Environment condition
- Air Intake Filter for both process & regeneration circuit
- Fluted Desiccant Rotor Wheel Assembly with continuous drying and regeneration circuit
- High air flow across the surface area of rotor
- Touch screen operator interface panel
- PLC based control
- Audio & visual alarm
- Display of process air outlet temperature
- Imported centrifugal blowers with Aluminium die cast impeller suitable for high static pressure
- Inbuilt Under Voltage / Over Voltage / Phase Sequence / Voltage Unbalance protection
- Accessibility from both the sides for easy maintenance
- PID temperature control for regeneration heater
- Solid state relay for regeneration heater for long life

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