For Sale - AIE - 4396 - WELLAN 2000 Ring for prevention of Scaling, Rusting & Bio Fouling.


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AIE - 4396


WELLAN 2000 Ring for prevention of Scaling, Rusting & Bio Fouling.

Product Details

WELLAN 2000 Ring for prevention of Scaling, Rusting & Bio Fouling.
- Brown & Green Water Issues
- Boiler Corrosion
- Lime Scale Issues
- Heat Exchanger Scaling & Bio Fouling
- Cooling Tower Corrosion
- Condensate Corrosion
- Cooling Loop Rust & Scale
- Microbiological Problems
- Legionella Prevention

Wellan is unique and helps in
a. Prevention of scale formation
b. Prevention of rust formation
c. Bio-fouling

This prevention of corrosion is done without introduction of any chemicals in the water supply and no electricity is needed. The Wellan 2000 works on any kind of pipe. Some important features of WELLAN 2000 Ring are given below:

1) It works by changing the physical properties of calcium and magnesium in the water supply so that they do not form scales. The Wellan ring (fixed around the supply pipe) emits oscillations in the water having a frequency opposite to frequency of waves caused by calcium and magnesium. Thus the charges on ions of scale forming salts are cancelled out or displaced. These ions no longer attract each other and scales of calcium and magnesium salts are not formed. Further, existing scales in pipelines are removed by the water that is ‘charged’ by Wellan Ring
2) Corrosion is checked by formation of magnetite coating on pipe
3) It completely eliminates algae and bacterial growth in water flowing in pipes as well in water stored in overhead tank
4) There is no regeneration needed for the ring. The scale prevention process is continuous
5) It is a simple ‘fit and forget’ system - ring is made of 2 parts fitted with screws
6) No store space is required as the Wellan Ring can be mounted at any convenient location on the supply piping
7) There is no wastage of water
8) There are no environmental problems
9) This ring is guaranteed for 5 years and its shelf life is around 15 years
10) There is no recurring cost - maintenance cost is ZERO
11) WELLAN Ring neutralizes bacteria and hence can be used for potable water supply. The Ring prevents algae formation and the water is purified so the quality of even stored water remains good for a few days

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