For Sale - AIE - 4571 - Stamixco Mixing Nozzle For Injection Process


Reference Number

AIE - 4571


Stamixco Mixing Nozzle For Injection Process



Product Details

Contains 8 very efficient static mixing elements that homogenize the polymer melt prior to injection resulting in the following benefits.
- Reduced spots, streaks and clouds of color.
- Reduced colorant usage (10% - 40%).
- Narrower part tolerance.
- Less part distortion.
- Improved part quality when using regrind material.
- Shorter cycle time.
- Improved melt flow, uniform filling of multi- cavity molds.
- Reduced reject rates.

SMF Filter for SMN Mixing Nozzles
- Retains solids and only partially molten granulates.
- Protects hot runner systems and tools from clogging and/or damaging.
- Retrofitting possible without modification of the nozzle body.
- Filter length = length of two (2) mixing elements.

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