For Sale - AIE - 4572 - Mold Dehumidification Unit (MDU)


Reference Number

AIE - 4572


Mold Dehumidification Unit (MDU)

Product Details

When the surface temperature of an object sinks below the dew point of the ambient air, condensation builds on this object. This problem especially occurs on chilled molds of plastic processing machine. The answer to this problem is to create a dry climate around the mold. The Mold Dehumidification Uni (MDU) fills the enclosed mold area with dry process air with dew point of 3-4oC.
Result : The MDU allows the usage of cold water withconstant and optimal process temperature without the problem of condensation.

Mold Dehumidification Units (MDU) are based on condensation drying principle, requiring much less connected load and practically
nil maintenance as compared to equivalent desiccant based equipments. MDU not only protects the molds against sweating and rusting, but also assists in improving product quality and increasing productivity. MDU units can cater to all applications requiring chilling of molds while processing PET or polyolefin’s.

MDU unitare available from process air capacities of 1000m3/hr to 50003/hr. A single MDU unit can be suitably sized to cater to
one or more production machines.

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