For Sale - AIE - 4731 - Total Temperature Controller


Reference Numbers

AIE - 4731


Total Temperature Controller


MG Plast



Product Details

We have most sophisticated infrastructure for manufacturing plastic auxiliary equipment


Total temperature controller ( water or oil based) with precise micro processor control with simultaneous display of set and actual values.

Leak stop operation.

Fault indication.

Mimic diagram.

Water based temperature controller up to 95°C.

Oil based temperature controller up to 150°C.

Digital display of set and actual value on screen.

High flow and high pressure powerful pump.

Dry running protection of pump by level monitoring device.

Automatic water re-feeding provision in water based unit.

Corrosion proof material in water line.

User friendly control and fault indication.

Overload protection of pump.

Solenoid valve and NRV on process inlet/outlet connection.

High temperature steel graded hose pipe.