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Tubular Heaters - Description
Tubular heating elements provide an economical, robust, and versatile heat source. These elements are commonly used surface. Our industries can provide formed elements "ready to go" into your existing channel or new design. Plain tubular heaters are available in straight lengths or bent as per customer's requirement with threaded stud connection at both ends. Finned tubular heaters have enlarged surface area to help faster dissipation of heat. Due to the fact that these designs are made to order, our engineering staff will require a detailed drawing or CAD disk for design purr

Finned Tubular Heaters - Description
Finned Tubular Heaters are normally used in forced circulation heating of low temperature air, other atmospheres and gases. Typical applications include forced convection heating of air, process atmospheres, and oven atmospheres in duct environments. Steel finned tubular heaters are standard with surface temperatures limited to about 425ºC (797ºF) compared to 815ºC (1500ºF) for an alloy sheathed non-finned heater. Some applications require stainless steel materials for corrosion resistance. The most efficient finned heaters are made with steel sheath and steel fins. Steel is normally used for air heating, stainless steel for atmospheres, which are humid or corrosive, and Monel for salt-laden humid atmospheres. Keep in mind that stainless heaters with stainless fins are very inefficient since the heat transfer rate of stainless is less than one quarter that for steels. Finned Tubular Heaters offer distinct advantages over open coil heaters:

- They are safer to operate in that the risk of fire or electrical shocks are minimized;
- They have a much longer service life; and
- They are more rugged requiring less maintenance than open coil heated

Technical Data
Surface loading - up to 60 w/in2
Voltage - up to 415 V
Surface Temperature - 600oC Max.
Available Fins Diameters - 28, 32-mm.
Tube Diameters-8, 11 mm. 12 mm 14 mm 16 mm
Sheath material -SS & lncoloy 800, incoloy 600
Dist. between Fins -5 -6 mm
Connection -20 mm length of brass m6

Plastic industry, Foundries, Packaging Industry, Engineering Industry, Medical & Laboratory Equipments, Domestic Appliances. Air Conditioning systems, recalculating drying ovens, forced air duct heating.

For special size, please feel free to contact us along with detailed dimensional sketches.

Please incorporate the stander heater dateless from catalog

- Reliable & premium quality
- Proper watt distribution
- High quality sheath tube
- High M.T.B.F.
- Product uniformity
- Heaters are 100% inspected

- Heating air in duct
- Warming equipment
- Food processing equipment
- Process air equipment
- Heating steam & gas

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