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Hitco Nozzle Heaters


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The heating of nozzle in injection machines is still a big problem owing to the costs incidence and subsequent stops in the production process.
Hitco analyzed a large series of cases causing an early failure, most of them due to plastic leakage impregnating the heater and causing a range of effects as:
- Carbonization of material near electrical connection which causes short circuit
- Penetration of material into the heater will lead carbonizing it. It causes the loss of insulation due to perforation of the element
- Damage to the structure of the element using tools for making the attempt of removing heater covered by plastic element
- Tearing of the feeding cables, which can arise both making the above action and careless during installation of the molds

We take care particularly of
- Mechanical Sturdiness
- High resistance of the cable to tears and accidental impacts
- Sealed construction against plastic material penetration
- Protection of the connection point between resistance circuit and feeding

Besides, high specific power reachable with Tubular Band Nozzle Heater for High Temperatures, up to 15 w/sq. cm on the nozzle and its excellent mechanical characteristics giving a consequent unlimited wrapping possibilities of the tubular element, it allows to solve most complicated heating problems when existing the need of a big heat contribution in short time and at controlled temperature.

Whole ranges of nozzle heater are manufactured in accordance with safety rules and they are submitted to a final safety and quality tests according to the European standards.

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