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Shree Muktajivan Industries, India

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Shree Muktajivan manufactures various types of screws as follows:
1) Single screw and barrel:
Shree Muktajivan manufacture the wide range of single screws for plastic processing machinery like film plant, multilayer plant, monofilament plant, sheet plant, raffia or PP/HDPE woven fabric plant, PP box strapping, sutli plant. Screws dimensions are varies from diameter 18 mm to diameter 125 mm with 1:16 to 1:40 L/D. We also manufacture singles screws for injection molding and blow molding machines.

Screws are made from nitride steel EN-41B. It includes toughening, tempering, stress relieving, gas nitriding or plasma nitriding. We provide a special hard face coating in single screw feed zone section which is increased the life of screw. We also do special surface treatment such as hard chrome plating in special purpose screw or requirement of basic polymer.

2) Barrier screws for extrusion plants and injection molding machine:
Advantages of barrier screw:
- Higher output
- Low melt temperature
- Require low back pressure
- Helps to better mixing of polymers

A Barrier design is a proven design to deliver the highest through put and superior melt quality when compared to other designs. In Injection molding this design is especially effective with polyolefin and styrene based resins. This provides mixing quality 3-5 times better than a single stage design. We already manufacturer and designs the barrier screw for blown film plant, woven sacks or Raffia plant and PP box strapping and also for HDPE pipe plants.

3) Parallel twin screw:
We manufacturer parallel twin screw with special nitride steel which is gives the longer life and also the higher output as their designs. We already manufacture the twin screw for rigid PVC pipes. We provide the guaranteed output and desired quality. We provide hard face coatings on the metering zone which is finally increasing the life of the screw.

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