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Shree Mukta Jivan Industries, India

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Shree Muktajivan manufactures various types of barrels as follows:
1) Single hole barrel:
We can manufacture single barrel up to diameter 250 mm x 4000 mm length. Honing process done with very accuracy. Barrels are also dually toughened, tempered and gas nitriding or plasma nitriding.

2) Twin hole barrel:
We manufacture twin hole barrels from internal diameter 52 mm to diameter 120 mm and maximum 1600 mm length. Special Bimetallic sleeve also can be provided in partial length of barrels as per customer's requirements. We also provide the sleeve fitted barrel which is joint with the mother barrel and make one pair. It is also generally known as groove feed barrel.

3) Sleeve fitted barrel: (Parallel)
Shree Muktajivan Industries provide high wear resistance sleeve fitted barrels parallel twin screw extruder. This sleeve is purely made out from High Speed Steel M2 (HSS M) which is through hardened and ground. It is proved that this sleeve gives two times more life than other nitride sleeves of D2 material.
This sleeve fitted barrel system provide production of twin barrel with approximately twice to thrice the service life of nitrided barrels at just 20 percent to 25 percent addition cost. This type of wear resistant barrels can be operated at normal output for a longer period, without any through put losses due to wear. Thus the production costs are reduced which is turned in to a profit factor.

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