For Sale - SRP - 3640 - X Grid Static Mixer for Lamina Flow Applications


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SRP - 3640


X Grid Static Mixer for Lamina Flow Applications


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Product Details

The GX static mixer has been used successfully for the laminar flow mixing and/or dispersion of viscous fluids for over 35 years. It is a high performance static mixer capable of mixing materials with equal or very large differences in viscosity and volumetric ratio. Mixing is accomplished in a short length with a very high degree of mixing.

Mixing Capabilities
- Mix fluids with similar viscosity
- Mix fluids with high and low viscosity (1 million : 1)
- Mix fluids with large differences in volumetric ratio (1,000 : 1)
- Disperse and mix polymers with blowing agents
- Thermal homogenization
- Viscosity homogenization

- Polymer manufacture and processing.
- Two component viscous materials such as Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR), adhesives, polysulfide, sealants, epoxy resins, polyurethanes, etc.
- Plastics Extrusion

Materials of Construction, Housings and End-Connections
- The GX static mixer can be supplied in most materials of construction, pipe/tube housings with virtually any end connection
- GX-P mixing elements in 9.3 - 9.4mm outside diameter size are also available in plastic construction.

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