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SRP - 3642


Double-Roof Disk Static Mixer (Type GXR)


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Product Details

The GXR Static Mixer (Licensee of Bayer, AG) is used for mixing, dispersing and homogenization of viscous materials. It is a high performance motionless mixer design that creates a very high degree of mixing in a short length. It is capable of mixing materials with very large differences in viscosity and volumetric ratios.

Mixing Capabilities
- Mix fluids with similar viscosity
- Mix high and low viscosity fluids (1 million : 1)
- Mix fluids with large differences in volumetric ratio (1,000 : 1)
- Disperse and mix polymers with blowing agents
- Thermal homogenization
- Viscosity homogenization

- Two component viscous materials such as Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR), adhesives, polysulfide, sealants, epoxy resins, polyurethanes, etc.
- Plastics Injection Molding
- Plastics Extrusion
- Polymer manufacture and processing
- The mixing elements may be safely pressed out of the housing by pushing on the support ring which avoids any damage to the mixing grid

The GXR mixing elements are presently also available in inexpensive plastic construction (50% glass-filled Nylon and polypropylene)

Helical Static Mixer:
The HT helical static mixer pioneered the inline motionless mixing industry over 40 years. It is a cost effective static mixer design with moderate mixing performance capabilities. It is most suitable for use in small diameter turbulent flow and laminar flow applications where the mixing task is simple and where it's characteristic features of low pressure drop and open geometric structure are best for the specific application. For difficult applications, the high performance GX static mixer is recommended for laminar flow applications.

The Helical static mixer is available in metal and plastic construction in a wide variety of configurations and sizes.

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