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SRP - 3650


The Weighbatch AdvanTec System


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Product Details

The Weighbatch AdvanTec system allows a number of stand-alone products, such as blenders, to be combined into a single control system. The AdvanTec system can include the Weighbatch products:
- MiniBlend blenders
- Gravex extruder controllers
- Centa-Vac loading systems

The AdvanTec system can also include most non-Weighbatch equipment equipped with serial or Ethernet communications. Many of the common devices such as temperature controllers or pressure monitors are supported as standard.

At the center of the system is the Weighbatch/PC software which communicates with the physical equipment using serial or Ethernet links. The Weighbatch/PC software runs under Windows (2000/XP/Vista). It can be operated either by touch screen or by keyboard/mouse. Interfaces to administration systems or other software can be provided through:
- Delimited text file, HTML, SMS

Management Functions:
In addition to providing a unified control view of a line, the primary function of The AdvanTec system is to provide management information from the line:
- Material usage reporting
- Job management
- Recipes and material libraries
- Process settings profiles (e.g.. temperature set points)
- Process data recording

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