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Anti-Hydrolysis Agent:

Stabaxol(R)-Efficient Solution to Hydrolysis Problems:
Under moist, warm climatic conditions, many polymers gradually break down as a result of hydrolysis. It goes without saying that the polymers most affected by this phenomenon, are those which are permanently exposed to a moist, warm climate. One solution to this problem is to resort to expensive, specialty polymers which are resistant to hydrolytic attack. Alternatively (and this is the more cost-effective solution), you can use standard polymers containing anti-hydrolysis agents such as Stabaxol(R), an additive produced by Rhein Chemie Rheinau GmbH. Stabilizing a polymer with Stabaxol(R) brings about an up to threefold increase in its service life.
Stabaxol(R) is by no means only suitable for use in PET, TPU/PU, TPEE, as available in solid or liquid form or in masterbatches, it can protect a whole range of technically important polymers such as PBT, TPE, PA, EVA and PU adhesives from premature wear due to hydrolysis. Stabaxol(R) also acts as a processing auxiliary.

Grades of Stabaxol(R):
- Stabaxol(R) 1: Monomeric Carbodiimides
- Stabaxol(R) P, Stabaxol(R) P 100 & Stabaxol (R) P200: Polymeric Carbodiimides

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