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Antifibrillating Masterbatches:
Soltex produces a full range of filled masterbatches and compounds for the production of raffia tapes. These anti-split additives are calcium carbonate filled masterbatches for the plastics woven sacks industry. The wide range has been developed after careful consideration of the final properties required in the raffia tapes, difficulties faced by the processors at the tape plant for line speeds up to 500 meters per minute. Addition levels required for specific end usage, cement bags, PP sacks, PE sacks, fertilizer bags, flexible intermediate, bulk containers, leno bags, tarpaulins, bale covers, geo textiles, carpet yarns etc.. These are specially formulated by compounding blended polyolefins with micronized calcium carbonate in the most modern compounding extrusion plants employing the latest state-of-the-art technology. Our plants are equipped with sophisticated controls to achieve the desired results from a very high degree of dispersion to the required pellet geometry.
Soltex specializes in antifibrillating masterbatches for the following range:
- PP tapes
- PE tapes
- High speed tape lines 500 meters/minute.
- Low denier
- High denier
- Low denier toughness
- Tapes for jumbo bags
- Tapes for leno bags

These masterbatches are processed to have increased productivity and enhanced quality at the tape plants and looms.

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