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Anti Microbial Anti Bacterial Additives:
JKP's antimicrobial has been optimized for polyolefins such as PP, HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE.
- Key areas of application are injection and rotational moulding.
- Appliances: Hospital supplies and others
- Applications: Film applications, air conditioning, sanitary accessories.
a. Antimicrobial prevents growth of bacteria, mould and yeast on plastic surfaces. Therefore it provides odor control, hygiene maintenance and the possibility for product differentiation.
b. The combination of low migration rates and high melting point makes it especially suitable for high processing and use temperatures
as well as for thin layers.
c. It gives durable efficacy even with thin plastic articles.
d. Antimicrobial has been optimized with respect to color retention under sun light exposure as compared to standard silver- based antimicrobials, which can show discoloration.

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