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AOL 336 (Polybatch Antioxidant):
Polybatch AOL 336 is an antioxidant masterbatch for the stabilization of Polyethylene. The free flowing pellets should be added during an extrusion process where high temperatures or long residence time cause oxidation, higher melt flow index, loss of mechanical properties or carbonized particles.
Because of the stabilizers contained in the Polybatch AOL 336 the melt flow index of PE after reclaim will remain at acceptable levels. The colour of regranulated resin will remain lighter.
The addition of Polybatch AOL 336 in the main and in the satellite extruders is strongly recommended before any prolonged shut-down. Without an effective antioxidant carbonized particles will be readily formed on the screw fights and tips, as well as on screens and dies. These carbonized particles will then slowly be evacuated particularly during the production of formulas containing high concentrations of tensio-active agents (slip or antistats).

Physical properties:
- 10 percent active ingredient in PE.
- Carrier: LDPE
- Specific gravity: 1.917 g/cm3
- Bulk density: 475-575 Kg/m3
- Colour: Off-white pellets

The addition rate of the Polybatch AOP 336 is depending on the processing temperature and the residence time of the PE in the extruder. An addition rate of 1 to 3 percent is recommended.

- Stabilization improvement: 1 to 2 Percent
- Extrusion of rework: 2 to 3 Percent
- During recycling: 2 to 3 Percent

Before shut down 10 to 20 percent Polybatch AOL 336 added to the extruder's hopper will greatly facilitate the start-up: less black spots, more controlled MFI.

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