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RM - 2206


South Korea

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Electronic Control Polymer

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the sudden and momentary electric flow which can have serious devastating effects on performance of advanced microelectronic devices including semiconductors.

Electrostatic control polymers have been developed in order to prevent these devastating problems. In general various inorganic fillers mainly Carbon fiber and Stainless fiber have been used commercially for ESD protection through polymer compounding used most available polymers in the market. We have succeeded in incorporating Carbon Nano Tube into the polymer matrix for this purpose.

Upon the demand of the electronic industries we have developed novel electrostatic control polymers based on various matrix polymers. We can cover the wide range of electrical resistively from antistatic to electrostatic dissipative (10^(7) ~ 10^(11) Ohms/sq.).

Features and benefits:
- Permanent electrostatic controllability
- Applicability to the most of thermoplastic polymers available in the market
- Colorless: permit use of color pigments (to some grade)