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RM - 1626

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Antistatic Concentrates

AT 3001 LD:contains a long-term antistatic agent as the active ingredient. AT 3001 LD is used to give an antistatic effect to films, blow moulding products and improves the operation of packaging machines.

AT 3009 LD:contains long-term and short-term antistatic agents. AT 3009 LD is used for the antistatic finishing of films, injection and blow moulding products. It is effective immediately after production and shows only slight fluctuations caused by storage or weather compared with ususal antistatic systems.

AT 3002 PPis a GMS-free masterbatch for long-term antistatic effects on PP-films.

AT 3003 PPis an additive system for PP-films which need a short-term antistatic effect as well as long-term properties. AT 3003 PP is used as an allrounder in PP-sheets and BOPP-films.