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Masterbatch blowing agent

Master batch blowing agent in pellet form:
Developed to be suit foaming processes such as extrusion, injection, rotation molding, etc. Excellent in dispersion ability and user friendly with dustless and auto scaling.
Decomposition Temperature: 200-210 degreeC
Gas Volume: According to blowing agent content
Particle Size: 4.5-10.0 µm
Content: 20-60%

Chemical blowing agent, Azodicarbonamide, which has been developed for widely use in many kind of polymers including PVC, PE, PP, PS, EVA, ABS etc. super cell VR-Series are applicable for many processes such as compression, extrusion, injection, calendaring, rotation molding, etc.
Decomposition Temperature: 200 - 2100 C
Gas Volume: 240-260 ml/g
Particle Size: 4.5-10.0 µm

Inorganic chemical blowing agent for use in select foaming industry for many processes such as extrusion, injection and compression molding.
Decomposition Temperature: 120 - 200 degreeC
Gas Volume:125 ml/g
Particle Size: 7.0-12.0 µm