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Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch:
- Item: Antifab JJBlend A-Aid
- Carrier resin: Polyethylene
- Physical form: Granules

This JJBlend A-Aid is a wonderful material for woven sack/raffia processors. This product is very widely being used as property enhancer cum cost reducing agents by all the leading woven sack manufacturers in domestic and international markets.

Application: JJBlend A-Aid is developed with ultra fine Calcium Carbonate to provide better mechanical properties to the tape. JJBlend A-Aid is added along with the polymer to prevent the fibrillation of tapes manufactured in raffia tape line. These granules provide strength to the tapes thus manufactured. JJBlend A-Aid provides opacity to the tape/bag manufactured thus reducing the amount of masterbatch to be used for the colouring purpose. JJBlend A-Aid can be used with HDPE as well PP.

Advantages JJ Blend Antifab:
- Loading up to 40 percent
- Uniform particle size thus better mixing
- No water carriage issue
- Desire strength at every denier sizes
- Increased output
- Excellent dispersion with polymer
- Acts as a cost reducing agent
- Lesser wastage

Technical specification:
- Filler loading (percent): 70 to 80
- MFI (ASTM D-1238): 4.5 (+/- 1)
- Bulk density (ASTM D-792): 1234
- Moisture Content (percent): < 0.20
- No of granules per 1 gm. (nos.): 28 (+/- 5)
- Colour (Milky white): As per standard

(Note: Varies as per the customer requirement)

Addition level: JJ Blend A-Aid can be added up to 40 percent during processing of polymer at tape line. The addition level will vary depending on the application of the final fabric/bags and the tape denier.
It is highly recommended that this JJBlend A-Aid should be pre dried in hopper dryer or
dehumidifier at 80 degrees C to withdraw possible moisture absorbed by hygroscopic Calcium Carbonate.

Packing: Standard packing of 25 KG Woven Bags

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