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Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch:
- Item: JJBlend Film-Aid
- Carrier resin: Polyethylene
- Physical form: Granules

Application: JJBlend Film-Aid is developed with ultra fine Calcium Carbonate to provide better bubble stability to the film being blown. These granules provide strength to the films thus manufactured. JJBlend Film-Aid provides opacity to the film manufactured thus reducing the amount of masterbatch to be used for the colouring purpose. JJ Blend Film Aid improves the heat proof character, anti slippery properties, dimensional stability of the film manufactured.

Advantages of JJ Blend Film-Aid:
- Loading up to 150 PHR (Per Hundred Resin)
- Increased output
- Acts as a cost reducing agent
- Improved bubble stability
- Increased Dart impact strength
- Filler loading (percent): 80
- Improved bag printability
- Improved barrier properties
- Non toxic, odorless and tasteless

Technical specification:
- MFI (gm/10 min [ASTM D-1238]): 4.5 (+/- 1)
- Bulk density (ASTM D-792): 1234
- Moisture content (percent): < 0.20
- No of granules per 1 gm. (nos.): 28 (+/- 5)
- Colour (Milky white): As per standard

(Note: Varies as per the customer requirement)

Addition level: JJ Blend Film-Aid can be added up to 60 percent (by weight of batch) during processing of polymer at extruder. The addition level will vary depending on the application of the final film and its application.
It is highly recommended that this JJBlend Film-Aid should be pre dried in hopper dryer or dehumidifier at 80 degrees C to withdraw possible moisture absorbed by hygroscopic Calcium Carbonate.

Packing: Standard packing of 25 KG woven bags

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