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Black Masterbatch:
Black is also one of the largest selling color and has unlimited potential in the market. We use the best quality carbon black and have a range of over 100 black masterbatch formulations, some with carbon loading of upto 55 percent in different grades and shades. With the tendency of carbon black to form aggregates, also known as structure - the performance of black masterbatches primarily depends on the dispersion of carbon black in the carrier resin. We use specialty additives and processing aids, which causes carbon black to get easily and uniformly dispersed in carrier resin. Can be used in base materials like PE and PP.

Its applications include:
- Cable Sheathing compound
- Pipes/drainage pipes/ conduits
- Films
- Rotomoulded tanks
- Lamination/tarpaulin applications
- PP mould and extruded products
- Blow moulding

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