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Polyolefin Masterbatches:
SCJ offers a wide range of polyolefin
masterbatches in both mono concentrate as well as masterbatches that are tailor made.

The applications include:
- Injection moulding: House hold and industrial items, bathroom fittings, automotive components, home appliance components, outdoor and indoor furniture, industrial crates, bottle crates, battery casings, toys, closures etc.
- Blow moulding: Mono and multi layer bottles for health care, personal care, cosmetics, automotive lubricants, chemicals, automotive components etc.
- Roto moulding: Multi layer water storage tanks, garden pots and fencing, telephone booths, garbage bins etc.
- Mono-multi layer film, BOPP film: Milk film, oil and vanaspati film, garbage bags, shopping bags and other flexible packaging applications.
- Woven sacks and tarpaulins: Cement and fertilizer bags, food packaging and jumbo bags.
- Wire and cables extrusion: PIJF cables and XLPE cables.
- Pipe extrusion: Cable ducting, drip irrigation pipe, hot and cold water piping, gas conveying pipes.
- Co-extruded sheets: Refrigerator lining, automotive interiors, files and folders, disposable glasses and containers.

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