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Styrene Colour Masterbatches:
SCJ provides colours to answer the needs of the styrene polymer sector. We have an increasing range of colours in line with the design of injection moulded, extruded and thermo formed articles.

The applications include:
- Injection moulding: Computer housing, keyboards, desert coolers and air conditioner grills, washing machines, TV cabinets and other household appliances' components. Tele-communication instruments like mobile phones, pagers, telephone instruments, toys, timepieces and clocks etc.
- Sheet extrusion: Quality packaging, refrigerator sheet lining, bathroom fittings and disposable containers.

These masterbatches give brilliant homogenized colouring to articles in crystal PS and HIPS and at the same time, maintain the inherent transparent properties of crystal polymers

The SAN and ABS based range of masterbatches has been developed for colouring of ABS, SAN, alloys of PC and ABS. This can also be used for giving vivid colours to PC.

End applications lye in telephone instruments, household and kitchenware etc.

All these masterbatches are available in SPC (mono pigmentary). Tailor made solutions are also available.

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