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We manufacture various Day light Fluorescent colours for various applications, such as Textile printing plastic coloring, Florescent colour coating on paper, and in the manufacture of poster colours, printing Inks, crayons etc.

It has been experienced that certain dyes and resins combination produce brighter colour than normal colour and had the unique effect of "glowing" under ultra violet or black light. As the chemistry and manufacturing process improved, the areas of application expanded to Advertising, safety. Promotional firms began to recognize the unique of these bright colours and specified use.

Colour is one of the segments of visible white light. Ordinary pigments selectively reflect some segments of visible light and absorb the rest which are dissipated as heat energy. In Daylight fluorescent pigments, rest of segments of light are not dissipated as heat, but instead are transformed into emitted light of the same colour. Reflected colour is reinforced by the emitted colour producing hues which appear extra ordinarily bright.

Some organic dyes under effect of ultra violet and shorter wave lengths of light also give property of Fluorescence which is called Day light Fluorescence.

Day light Fluorescent pigments are transparent organic resign particles in which dyes are dissolved molecularly.