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RM - 2041



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We offer a conductive masterbatch for melt processing mainly with polypropylene. Our masterbatch is based on inherently conductive polymer Polyaniline. Benefits of our masterbatch. The conductivity of plastic blends containing our masterbatch can be tailored over the whole range of semi
conductors. Our masterbatch forms a conductive network structure within matrix polymer instead of acting as filler. The conductive/dissipative property is permanent and built into the polymer chain. Our masterbatch has been developed mainly for injection moulding applications. Our masterbatch should be used in 10-18 % ratio to reach surface resistance values from 1010 to 105 die, (IEC 61340-5-1). The products made out of our masterbatch are reusable and recyclable.

Typical applications include injection moulded boxes and bins etc. giving permanent ESD protection for the various packaging applications.
Appearance: Granule
Color: black/green
Packaging: 25kg moisture impermeable bags under normal storing conditions.
Unnecessary contact with ambient air should avoid. Open bags of our Masterbatches must be sealed properly after usage
Drying: Material is hygroscopic. If material gets moist, it's recommended to be dried with a dehumidifying drier for 12 hours at 60 degree C (140 degree F)
Processing: Our masterbatch can be processed without modifications in the machines using normal processing conditions as with PP. Melt temperature 230 degree C (450 degree F) is not to be exceeded.