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RM - 1912


Singapore, India

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Conductive Engineering Resins: By custom - designing to your specific needs, we are able to solve all your problems like:
- Build-up of electrostatic charges and discharge
- Electromagnetic shielding
- Static shielding
- Static decay problems

We continuously tests and qualify reinforcement, fillers and additives to formulate conductive engineered Thermoplastic composites.

This material provides surface resistance from 1 OE0 to 1 OE12 ohm/sq. The extend of this range provides complete protection for your electronic designs from harm of electrostatic discharge (ESD) electromagnetic interference. (EMI).

Our conductive Engineering Resins removes the need fro expensive and restrictive metal protecting devices.

Generally, the surface resistance characteristics of the material are divided into the following.
- Insulating
- Anti-Static
- Static-dissipative
- Conductive
- Moderately conductive
- Highly Conductive

We have also achieved success in formulating silver coated beads, nickel coated carbon fiber / minerals and metallic fibers such as stainless steel.

We have also succeed in formulating the right conductive compounds to exhibit exceptionally good physical properties like the molded-in ESD and EMI shielding. This custom-designed compound will suit your need completely and immediately saves you money.

We conductive engineering resins are custom-designed to ensure you achieve specific conductivity or shielding level.