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RM - 2204


South Korea

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Electrostatic Control Polymer

MWCNT or Multy Wall Carbon Nanotube
- Approximate diameter is 5 ~ 10 nm and 10 micron in length.
- Extremely small and high aspect ratio form of graphitic carbon.
- This is an excellent conductive additive for thermoplastics.

We manufacture an electro static control polymer alloy and electro conductive polymer composites with CNT (Carbon Nanotubes) using propriety polymer alloy & polymer composite technology for uses demanding clean, permanent ESD-free environments & other special requirements.

- We developed high dispersion techniques and unique process, thus can make a unique products.
- We use very small amount of CNT. Highly dispersed CNT products can contribute a competitive price with improved mechanical properties.
- No Contamination & No Particulate
- Achievement in target electrical conductivity relatively by small loadings of CNT: .01 ~ 100,000,000 ohm/sq
- Smooth surface and cleanliness

Electronics (semiconductor and ESD-sensitive components) and industrial packaging, housings, parts of various business machines, which are demanding stringent requirements in terms of cleanness, permanent electro static dissipation.