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RM - 2205


South Korea

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Carbon Nanotube Masterbatch CNT-MB

Our Carbon Nanotube-based masterbatches with various carrier resins are manufactured under the proprietary technology.

Features and benefits: Owing to the unique and advanced technology of mixing and dispersion of CNT we can satisfy clients in terms of electrical and mechanical properties with
- Relatively lower loading of CNT-MB
- Easier and efficient way of the let-down process
- No health risk during processing
- No environmental pollution

All of these features result in the cost-effective and technically-satisfied products as benefits.

The loading of CNT-MB is diverse depending upon the requirements of various levels of electrical resistively and various let-down polymers.
CNT-MB is available for the immediate use with the various carrier resins such as PC, PA6, PBT, MPPO, PES and others. Typically, these masterbatches have the concentrations of 15 to 20 % of CNT.

We are developing new CNT-MB with other let-down polymers like PEI, PS and others.