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Foaming materials:
We manufacture foaming material which are TPE composite pellets with excellent elasticity and recovery properties. It is compatible with SBS and PS. Foaming material may be compounded with a certain proportion of SBS or PS to modify the stiffness and physical properties after foaming. The foaming conditions and physical properties of foaming material with higher PS content are similar to those of traditional EVA. Since Foaming material contains a very minor degree of cross-linking, the regeneration of the scraps during the foaming process and their enthalpy are far better than EVA. Besides, its compression set, anti-slippage, and surface-printing features are far better than regular EVA foam. The physical properties of foaming material of pellets with higher SBS content are comparable to those of CR, EPDM and SBR rubber foams. However, its odorlessness and simple recipe make it far superior to traditional rubber foams.

Foam floor mats, foam toys, shoes, dampers, semi-conductive packaging materials, speaker edges, etc.

Features of foaming material product series:
- Hardness (Shore C): 11-15 to 24-28
(Test method: ASTM D2240)
- Density (g/cm3): 0.10-0.14 to 0.16-0.20
(Test method: ASTM D792)