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RM - 2361



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Foaming materials:
We manufacture highly workable TPE composite pellet with excellent damping properties. Our foam material is effective damping foam. Its tan is adjustable and reaches maximum between -10 Degree C and room temperature. The tan curve is broad-banded, indicating a wide range of applicable temperatures. The damping foam also exhibits excellent surface touch and shape-memory properties.

Our foaming pellet is used in racket grips; It's product series damping foam is applied to vibration-control or anti-vibration parts of computers and peripherals, anti-vibration systems of precision instruments and electronic components, high-attenuation packaging, shoe-pads, racket handles, and sport protectors where a high vibration-absorption effect is required.

Features of foaming material product series:
- Hardness (Shore C): 15-19 to 42-46
(Test method: ASTM D2240)
- Density (g/cm3): 0.10-0.14 to 0.16-0.20
(Test method: ASTM D792)