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Foaming materials:
We manufacture high stiffness composite engineering plastic pellet. Foam material sheet is a lightweight foam material that is very high stiffness but may easily be shaped by cold pressing or thermal vacuum forming processes. The surface hardness may also be increased with coatings or other surface treatments. Using high-performance engineering plastics as raw materials and manufactured by chemical cross-linking techniques, the foaming material product series has a uniform quality and is absolutely uncontaminated by outside materials.

The features of the foaming material product series make it ideal for crafts and art supplies, building blocks and composite toys, sports protective equipment, interior construction materials such as light-weight rigid frame ceilings and partitions, and other industrial applications, such as speaker diaphragms, semi-conductive packaging materials and composite structural material.

Features of foaming material product series:
- Hardness (Shore C): 76 to 80
(Test method: ASTM D2240)
- Density (g/cm3): 0.13 to 0.20
(Test method: ASTM D792)