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RM - 1947



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We manufacture a wide range of Foaming Agent Masterbatches. These foaming agent Masterbatches provide the processor a means of metering precise quantities of the active ingredients.

Advantages of Foaming Agents: - Weight reduction - Raw Material Savings - Elimination of Sink Marks and War page - Sandwich effect (better wall toughness) - Surface finishes and textures

Foaming Agent Masterbatches - These are compounds which decompose at elevated temperatures forming gas and other inert components that expand the plastic material giving it a cellular structure. This process offers weight reduction, better acoustical properties, better insulation as well as cost savings. These can be further divided into exothermic foaming agents and endothermic foaming agents. Exotherm foaming agents are usually used for larger parts while endothermic foaming agents can be used for tapes film sheet and removal of sink marks for in molded parts.

Endothermic Foaming Agent Masterbatches: These are based on carbonates/citric acid, generate carbon dioxide and water vapour and react by consuming heat. These absorb energy / heat during decomposition, which leads to uniform and fine cell structure, smooth surface, reduction in cycle times and rapid degassing without causing any discoloration. These are especially useful for foam extrusion, foam injection molding and foam blow molding.