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RM - 2015



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Acrylic Impact Modifiers: Acrylic Impact Modifiers are designed using Rohm and Haas finest core-shell technology. It is applicable for outdoor rigid PVC products such as window frames, panels, siding, fences, pipes, fitting and injection - molded parts.

Acrylic Impact Modifiers are core-shell impact modifier with a cross-linked poly- BA core and grafted poly-MMA shell. Therefore, this product disperses as discrete particles in the matrix resin with best dispersing characteristic and product performance.

Acrylic Impact Modifiers offer the following benefits compared to chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) or other acrylic impact modifiers:
- Best impact efficiency and impact retention.
- Excellent weather ability.
- Good resistance against sulphur staining.
- Improve surface gloss of profiles.
- Low post-extrusion shrinkage with best dimensional stability.
- High weld corner strength.
- Good possibility over a broad range of extrusion conditions.

The designed core-shell structure of acrylic impact modifiers provides best impact property over CPE. Impacts excellent impact improvement both at room temperature and - 10 C

Retaining impact resistance is very important in building applications. The figure at right clearly demonstrates the superior performance of 355 P impact modifiers over competitive products.