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RM - 2013

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MBS Impact Modifiers: MBS modifiers are designed from Rohm and Haas finest core-shell technology. It is applicable for rigid PVC products such as sheet, film, compounded pellets and other vinyl products.

- An optimum balance between clarity and impact strength enables excellent quality of final products.
- Higher impact efficiency allows lower dosage of MBS and reduces formulation cost.
- Faster fusion contributes to higher production output.
- Spheroid powder characteristics enhance flowering properties and reduce dust from mixing.

Our additives conform to U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Regulation 21CFR178.3790 governing their use in semi rigid and rigid PVC plastics for food packaging and food contact applications. The finished composition must meet the extractive limits stipulated by the regulation. Rohm and Haas recommend that the manufacturer consult with our technical service team about proper formulating procedure.