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RM - 2012


Hyderabad, India

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Our range of priting Inks for packaging
- Gravure reverse printing lamination inks "Shreelam" for polyester film.
- Flexo / Gravure Inks "POLYSHINE" for high quality solid, tonal and fine printing at different speeds on Poly/ PP/ HM films.
- Flexo / Gravure "POLYSHINE T/P AR/SR" inks on treated polyolefin substrate for detergent packaging.
- Flexo / Gravure "ICON" inks for printing on treated multiplayer film for Oil / Vanaspati / Ghee / Chanachur / Salt / Namkeens in two pack system.
- Gravure Poly deep freeze resistant ink "FROST" for milk pouches.
- Flexo " CLASSIC INKS " on untreated PP/ HDPE Woven sack Cement / Fertilizer / Food grain bags with excellent tape adhesion, anti nail scratch and anti setoff properties.
- Gravure Shrink inks for reverse printing on PVC Shrink film for labels.
- Gravure Reverse printing lamination inks "COMLAM "common for both BOPP and Polyester film.
- Flexo water based ink "AQUA PRIME" for various types of paper and boards.
- Gravure heat resistant, scuff proof, AR/ SR, Non AR / SR inks for different coated uncoated paper stock.
- Gravure heat resistant Foils Inks / Foil Mediums for pharmaceutical packaging.
- Gravure high bond lamination inks "ELEGANT" for printing polyester for food packaging.

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